JB Design Performs Assessments and Analysis on Structural Building Components.

Engineering Services

Our Engineering Services Include the Following:

Wind Load Analysis per ASCE-7

This important ASCE Standard allows us to properly calculate wind loads on any given structure based on the location & building category. We urge our clients to request these for compliance of the product being sold during the design phase or early stages of a project avoiding the need for high cost products when not required.

Design of Aluminum and Steel Structures/Structural Components

Our team has experience in the design of aluminum and steel structures typically for the support of glazing and facade systems. We are able to design any type of aluminum or steel structure based on the AA Aluminum Design Manual and AISC Specification for Structural Steel Buildings

Glass Analysis per ASTME1300

The practice of this standard allows us to calculate the load resistance of glass. By doing so, we are able to consult our clients during there product design and testing phase.

Comparative Analysis

There are times when a glazing system on your project just doesn't fall within the allowable capacity charts provided on an NOA or Product Approval because of exceeded dimensions. When this occurs, we are able to prepare Comparative Analysis Calculations based on the actual tested data of the product such as sizes and pressures in order to qualify the exceeded dimensions

Miscellaneous Metals Drawings and Structural Calculations

JBD Performs design and structural calculations for all types of miscellaneous metals related to building components and structures such as architectural medal cladding, small or large metal structures for sun shading, metal enclosure systems, guard rails, trellises, and mechanical equipment supporting structures among others.

Shop Drawing Review for Structural Compliance

JB Design can review your shop drawings for structural compliance and be your glazing engineer of record for your project. We are here to follow each project through until final inspection is passed.

Engineering Letters (to the city of jurisdiction)

Our team of engineers are here to help get your permits and inspections approved. Occasionally an engineering letter stating a solution that was required due to a field condition is needed for the inspector or building official to pass an inspection. At times other challenges exist where one of our team members will serve as a liaison between our client and building official in order to come to resolutions for code compliance issues or rejected permit applications.

Product Design Assistance using Finite Element Analysis

Our team is able to completely model an entire glazing system or building component giving the most accurate and realistic results. Finite Element Analysis software allows us to predict how a product reacts to real-world forces, vibration, heat, fluid flow, and other physical effects. Finite element analysis provides results that will let us know if a product will fail or pass real-life testing methods as it was designed to. This is the perfect tool used in order to consult our clients such as manufacturers for proper testing optimization.

Rational Analysis

Often times architects and other design professionals want larger than normal size glazing panels in order to achieve that modern and vibrant visual effect. JB Design helps make this happen by designing glazing systems using rational analysis. This method is used primarily when the design intent of a building facade is outside of the tested parameters of the product being used.

Permit Submittal Packages

[windows, doors, shutters, patio enclosures, louvers]
We offer complete permit submittal packages for residential and commercial retrofit and new construction applications. JB Design advises first hand the proper documentation required per municipal building department. We are qualified to consult your team when questions arise regarding product selection such as style, frame, glass, anchorage capacity, and specifications.
Each package includes:
*System Compliance Analysis
*Drawings to include: floor plans, frame elevations, and descriptive glazing system schedule
*NOA and/or Product Approval package marked per specific project requirements
*Design wind load analysis with the schedule as required per municipal building department

Drafting Services

Our Drafting Services Include the Following:

Glazing Shop Drawings

We have mastered a variety of glazing systems to handle any size job from the permitting to the installation phase. It takes discipline, organization & expertise to deliver the ideal set of drawings your project demands. Our shop drawing team is highly skilled with the coordination of Architectural and Structural construction documents, interpreting Florida Product Approvals / Notices of Acceptance (NOA), Test Reports, etc.

  • Storefront & Window Wall Systems
  • Storefront Entrances
  • Curtain Wall Systems
  • Point supported Glazing Systems
  • Residential Windows & Doors
  • Glass Balcony Railings
  • Glass Balcony Dividers
  • Interior Storefronts and Doors

Anchor Template Fabrication Drawings

If your project consist of post-tension slabs, we are your support team to help ensure that during your installation, you are free and safe from penetrating post-tension cabling. Allow our team to prepare the fabrication drawings for your template layout and installation crew.

Structural Steel Shop and Erection Drawings

JB Design has proven to be the one stop shop for facade and building components engineering and drafting. Along with the engineering of steel structures, it is important to provide the most accurate information regarding location, sizes, connection types and configurations and a clear visual of how the structure should be built.

Facade and Architectural Cladding Shop Drawings

Cladding systems of any type need to be coordinated with it's supporting structures and surrounding systems; for this reason it is important to create shop drawings to accurately detail how each component will be attached to the structure and how they are integrated with the other systems.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) Services

Our BIM Services Include the Following:

Glazing Modeling - Shop Drawings

JB Design is now trained to provide shop drawings for exterior building envelope systems using BIM software. The use of this service allows our client to communicate and coordinate within the BIM environment enabling more efficient project planning, design and management.

Building System Modeling

Need a smart 3-d model for your product?
Our firm can help with this. We can create a model for your product that you can share with your clients or be used internally to aid in the planning of future projects. When glazing shop drawings are required to be done in BIM, it is very valuable for a manufacturer to be able to provide a BIM model to it's clients for the production of shop or presentation drawings.